Sunday, September 30, 2007

Puppies and Releases


Where do I even Begin??? So yesterday I got a e-mail from my branch president asking if I could meet him at Church this morning at 10:30. (Church starts at 11:15) Which immediately told me that I was going to be released today. So I called Holly (the Relief Society President who also happens to be one of my best friends) and asked if she knew what was going on. Turned out she had a meeting this morning at 10. Right off the bat we knew that meant that the presidency was being released and sure enough that's what happened. After a year of being the Enrichment Counsellor I am now officially nothing. I'm callingless. Which initially brought on feelings of happiness and excitement, but now I'm feeling pretty empty. It's a weird feeling being released...and I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore.

Here's a picture of Amee, Holly and I. The Old Relief Society Presidency! Amee is the new Relief Society President here in the London 5th Branch.

Ok so Kate brought her Puppy Avery to Church today and he is the most adorable puppy EVER! He's training to be a Service Dog for Autistic Kids and so he's so well behaved and he just adores people. He crawls under your chair and just sits there and waits for you to be done. I love him!!!

Not much else went down was the Thanksgiving break the fast...I did indulge in some candy throwing across the room...and by indulge I mean I came up with the Idea and someone else follow through on it. I think our target was pretty upset...she started biffing them back pretty hard. I don't know how she ever knew it was us, I mean we weren't laughing all that hard! :)

Anyway not much else going on right now, hopefully I'm going to get a haircut later in the can tell from the picture it's getting pretty long. It'll be exciting to chop it all off. Well...that's it for today!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad Day

OK, so have you ever had one of those mornings where you know it's going to be a crappy day before even getting out of bed? Yeah, that was my day. I just woke up and had this ominous feeling that I really shouldn't even bother getting out of bed, because it wasn't going to be pretty, and I was right. Here's how my day at work started...

Jim: Kristiane, I'm so glad to see you this morning!

Me: What do you want?

Jim: They need backup today in credit authorizations.

Me: I don't wanna!

Jim: Yeah, about that, it doesn't really factor into the decision.

Me: You suck!

Jim: (With a maniacal smile) Have fun!

Jim is my supervisor and thankfully he's really good about us calling him names cause we do it on a pretty regular basis. Unfortunatly I think half his job is giving us bad he's learned to not take stuff like that personally.

Anyway back to my horrible day, so yeah, credit authorizations means that

  1. We get thrown on the phone all day

  2. We have to talk to store reps about credit decisions

  3. We have people yell at us because half the time we decline their sales. (not our fault, if people would perhaps pay their bills on time, or not use up all of their credit limit we wouldn't have that issue)

So essentially I spent half the day having people yell at me, and that's not even my job...too many people called in sick in another department, and I get thrown on the phones. Well, not just me, but that's really besides the point right now. Then just to make everything fun, I missed my bus. Yes that's right, I saw the bus drive away while I was just a few meters from the bus stop. All I can say is it's a good thing I have my I-Pod or I think I would have gone crazy.

Well, I'm home now and I'm going to turn my horrible day into an amazing day, since the season premier of NCIS is on sure will be good to veg out a bit :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I can't Belive I'm doing this....

OK, so I have to admit, I can't believe I've broken down and joined the Blogging craze. The only way I'm rationalizing this in my mind is by telling myself that it's like a journal, only online. And since everyone knows online is better then paper it's all good right???

So this week has been totally crazy! Work is getting to be a lot more work...however since they've given me a new job, and more money, I should probably stop complaining and just do what they tell me. I mean, doesn't it really make more sense that they would pay you more to make you work harder? But man, I so don't want to turn into one of those workaholic people.I mean I'm all about more money, but perhaps overtime is not such a great idea. I need time to do other re-read Harry Potter.

So this is my new's totally my family History...I'm lucky cause I'll I have to do it take the names from these books and input them into the computer. Easy right??? Hah! I've spent so many hours doing this, it's completely taking over my life! Not that I'm complaining cause honestly, how much fun is it to read all the scandels in your own family! I can't even begin to tell you all the crazy things I've discovered, my great great grandparents, yeah they were cousins!

Well I should totally be going to get ready for church right now, we're totally going to be late...Again. But berhaps I'll end by listing my summer Highlights since it seems that summer is now over (even though it's been 28 plus degrees outside for the last week)

My Summer Highlights

  • Harry Potter 7 (come on people you knew that was coming)
  • Camping in Palmyra
  • Actually watching the entire Hill Cumorah Pagent
  • Elder Ballard's Fireside in Toronto
  • Ottawa conference (it was technically fall but i'm counting it anyway)
  • Western Fair

So yeah, that was my summer in a nutshell. Perhaps I'll find some pictures to post...anyway that's it for now!!!