Friday, February 22, 2008

Still at home...

Well...I'm still at home and not at work. To my credit I did try and go in yesterday, which totally ended up being a half day cause I'm just to tired to do work. Seriously I would get up to go to the fax machine and be totally winded by the time I got there. Which is Ridiculous. I mean come on now, there's just no need for that. Anyway my manager was nice enough to tell me to go home and get here I am...still at home. I have officially worked 4 hours all week. Slowly am I going crazy....

That being said I have LOADS of time to do nothing but search the web. I found this HALARIOUS site called man, there's some good times. It lets you upload pictures and then it morphs the faces together (think Kate Hudson's scrapbook in how to loose a guy in 10 days). I've decided it's only really creepy if you morph your face with someone you actually know (think Kate Hudson in how to loose a guy in 10 days.). That being said it's totally acceptable to morph you face with Celebrities you don't know... (I do fully realize I'm probably creepy and insane, but come on people, I've been home now for 7 days!!!) Anyway here's a few examples for you to see just how crazy this site really is...

This would be me and John Krasinski (Jim Halpert from the Office).

This would be a cross of myself and Michael Weatherly (think Tony on NCIS)

This would be myself and Patrick Dempsey (Dr McDreamy on Grey's)
As you can see the hours of the day just fly by so fast when you start morphing your face with Celebrities. should's loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, it's been awhile since I've updated my blog and I figured I had better post a little something since I'm sitting here all bored and such. So I haven't been to work in 5 days, which sounds like it should be fun, however I'm really wishing I was there today. We had a nice 3 day weekend (it's Family day here in Ontario...the Liberals promised if they got voted in during the last provincial election they would give us a Holiday in February...and they actually did) and I managed to get sick. At first I thought I just had a happy little cold, but I went to the Doctor today and surprise I have a sinus Infection and walking pneumonia. LOVELY! It does however explain the elephant sitting on my chest. I got fun drugs though, which make me pretty happy inside. The Congestion that was giving me man voice just didn't want to go away, so with any luck, the drugs will make me sound somewhat female again!
Lets see, what else can I say? Oh I went to a dance on Saturday night. While I was sick. I don't know why I do that. I don't even like dances when I'm healthy so why going to them when I don't feel well seems like a good idea I'll never know. I pretty much just hung out with the Old Ladies club in the Kitchen as it was more fun than actually dancing. (Before anyone gets upset, yes I did go in a dance for a was just more fun in the Kitchen)

Here's a really bad picture of me and a pretty good picture of Holly. My eyes always seem to disapear when pictures get taken...I find it annoying!!!

Here's Suzette and John...they take better pictures then I do :) John would not be a member of the Old Ladies Club, but he's still fun :)

Here's Amee and I...still not a good picture of me, however I don't think we took any good one's of me that night. Oh goes on!
Well this weekend is the temple trip and I`m super excited to go. I`m heading over to the Family History Center so I should have more names to do this weekend. I`m telling you, if you haven`t started doing your own family History you should totally jump on that Bandwagon cause it`s loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


For all of you out there who are currently prego and about to have babies...take pictures ok??? All of us singles (namely Me) like to live vicariously through looking at YOUR pictures! So don't let me down...I need them! :) Before I get to the pictures of my niece however I'll share a few points from my week...

Last weekend we had O'l ladies night at Amee's...good times. We broke out the dating for Dummies book...and learned how to flirt. Haha, man there's some serious inside jokes there, however you would really need to see me for me to explain them, so let me just say that the book is seriously troubled when giving flirting instructions...if anyone were to actually practice them they would look like an ape. No time I'll take pictures. We even practiced on a few poor males on Sunday at break the fast...good thing they were good sports. Although we did have a volunteer for our has possibilities.

Sunday night I enjoyed games night out at John Wright's. I don't know if you've ever played 4 on a couch, however if you haven't I would seriously recommend it. You could probably find the instructions online somewhere. It's a nice fun confusing game for all involved...sadley the girls lost 3 out of 4 games. Also enjoyable, snowball ambushes on people just showing up. Probably not really a Sunday activity, but it sure was fun. The element of Surprise is always a good time.

Now to the pictures...some of these are on facebook, but I love them so I'm posting them'll all just have to deal :)

So here's the proud Papa (My brother Kris) and his little girl. Not even home yet and already exhausted!

Poor Hannah had a little bit of Jaundice so she had to live in an incubator for a couple of days!

Hannah and her's pretty much the same size as she is!

Hannah at Home...she looks like my brother I think...she's kinda small to tell right now though!
Anyway thats pretty much it for me this week...thankfully it's Wed and only 2 more work days to go!! Maybe If I'm really lucky tomorrow will even be a snowday...keep your fingers crossed for me!