Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad Day

OK, so have you ever had one of those mornings where you know it's going to be a crappy day before even getting out of bed? Yeah, that was my day. I just woke up and had this ominous feeling that I really shouldn't even bother getting out of bed, because it wasn't going to be pretty, and I was right. Here's how my day at work started...

Jim: Kristiane, I'm so glad to see you this morning!

Me: What do you want?

Jim: They need backup today in credit authorizations.

Me: I don't wanna!

Jim: Yeah, about that, it doesn't really factor into the decision.

Me: You suck!

Jim: (With a maniacal smile) Have fun!

Jim is my supervisor and thankfully he's really good about us calling him names cause we do it on a pretty regular basis. Unfortunatly I think half his job is giving us bad news...so he's learned to not take stuff like that personally.

Anyway back to my horrible day, so yeah, credit authorizations means that

  1. We get thrown on the phone all day

  2. We have to talk to store reps about credit decisions

  3. We have people yell at us because half the time we decline their sales. (not our fault, if people would perhaps pay their bills on time, or not use up all of their credit limit we wouldn't have that issue)

So essentially I spent half the day having people yell at me, and that's not even my job...too many people called in sick in another department, and I get thrown on the phones. Well, not just me, but that's really besides the point right now. Then just to make everything fun, I missed my bus. Yes that's right, I saw the bus drive away while I was just a few meters from the bus stop. All I can say is it's a good thing I have my I-Pod or I think I would have gone crazy.

Well, I'm home now and I'm going to turn my horrible day into an amazing day, since the season premier of NCIS is on tonight...it sure will be good to veg out a bit :)


Rob said...

Don't worry Edna, at least bad days are only a handful, compared to th endless amount of good days out there.
ps-you are lucky you get to call your supervisor names...I would call him a "fartsmellingidiotheadwithuglypants" if I were you.

chantelle brade said...

I know how you feel...I had to work 12 hours yesturday becasue someone called in sick. 12 HOURS.
I missed institute and hanging out with my sister. Because of that twerp.
Anyways, hope that your week gets better.

Drennans said...

well crappy. I hope things got better quickly!