Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

So the past few days at work have been absolutely insane as I'm on this Incentive Committee at work and we've been running what we call the 3 days of Halloween. So all I've done is run around like a chicken with it's head cut off making sure that the games all went well (they did), that we had all the prizes (One of them was stolen out of my boss's office) and that generally things were going ok. Now that it's all over, all I want to do is collapse! (Part of that however could be do to the copious amounts of candy I've consumed all day) However it's only 8:30ish and thus, too early to callapse just yet!

Ok so remember my supervisor Jim? You know the one who doesn't mind when we call him names? Well here he is, all dressed up like BamBam. I have to admit I just about peed my pants when I walked in to work and I saw that Jim had on a shorter skirt then I did. He took it all in stride though...he only hit me with the club a couple of times :)

Here's a picture of my "crew" at work :) You know, the people I spend most of my time with and have even been known to socialize with outside of the dreaded office Building. Unfortunatly Annick is hiding Martin who dressed up like a fisherman...he did a really good job too. He had on those really cool pants that are waterproof. I was impressed.

Other then today being Halloween the only other exciting news we had today was a giant waterbreak in downtown London. There was a giant sink hole accross the street from work and they had to close off all the streets. Just about everyone got off work today. Not Citi though...the building pretty much would have had to sink into the giant hole for us to get the day off work. Which I guess could be good or bad depending on how you want to look at it!

In other news, I finally got around to cutting off all my hair. This isn't the best picture I've got but at least you can see the Length. I had 12 inches cut off and I donated it all to Charity. I don't know if you've ever cut off 12 inches of your hair before, but can I just tell you about the amount of extra shampoo I used that first morning??? Someday I'll post a better picture of my new hair cut but I just think this one is funny. Carlos (in the middle) is wearing a wig just in case you were wondering...cause I would have's some pretty frightening hair!
Well, I'm thinking it's time to go collapse now...I'm wicked tired and sadly today is not a friday. I hope you've all had an awesome Halloween and that you don't feel as sick as I do because you ate WAY too many of those little Chocolate bars. Ugh, just thinking about them makes me ill!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I know I suck...

Ok so I know I totally suck, since I haven't updated my blog since who knows when...and since everyone has been so kind as to remind me that I haven't updated I thought I would take this awesome opportunity to do so. I'm going to apologize in advance as I don't currently have any new pictures but I promise I'll get some up soon...maybe even this week being as it's Halloween and all. news, ok so it was thanksgiving a few weeks back (and my birthday but that's a whole different story) and I had the awesome opportunity to go to my family's up in Cambridge. Now I have to admit I had only met my cousin Heather once at a family reunion back when I was like 14 and the rest of her family I couldn't recall ever having met so I was kinda excited slash nervous to go. See Heather is actually my dad's first cousin, so she's my second cousin once removed (no joke, it says so on my family genealogy website) and I really didn't know if it was going to be awkward or not. But it worked out ok, it was totally cool, and I even got to hang out with my really cool cousins Wes and Matt who are 6 and 3.
See how cute they are! Matt is the one on the left and Wes is the one on the right. We got to play bugs...I got to be the snakes. They were pretty slimy but I guess boys go for that kind of thing. As a side note, I am aware that snakes aren't bugs, however they were mixed in with all the other critters and it beat being the spiders. Who wants to be the spiders??? Not me!
Anyway it was a great Thanksgiving dinner and it was fun getting to know the Chatham side of the family. It's also exciting to know that I have family closer then New Brunswick. I'm not all alone in the giant province of Ontario! I too, have someplace I can spend the Holidays :)
I did get a new calling...I'm the Family History Enrichment Specialist...I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure it'll be fun. (When I asked Brother Cole he just shrugged his shoulders and told me to ask the Relief Society president.) Should be good times...I don't think I'm actually in charge of anything for a change...makes for a nice break :)
All right, so I do have to head to bed now, but I promise I'll try and update a bit's Halloween this week after all!