Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tagged by Jessica


1) Books
2) The Gospel
3) family and friends


1) spiders
2) Being alone forever
3) Ticks


1) Enjoying life
2) Loving work
3) Attending the Temple every month.

Current obsessions:

1) Oh Man, Sadley, One Tree Hill
2) Reading The Great and Terrible Series by Chris Stewart
3) Gummi bears

Random facts:

1) The first time I ever did my own family history work at the Temple, I got so sick on the way back that they had to give me a blessing in the back of a van to get me to stop throwing up!
2) I'm a house hermit. I hate going out. I would rather stay home most of the time.
3) I'm not good at Delegating...I'd rather do everything myself and know it's done right then trust someone else!

Ok so I tag Kristine and Karen. You girls are up next :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So I've decided I pretty much stink at this whole blogging thing. Which is really not surprising seeing as how it was always the same for me with Journal writting. I'm pretty much lucky If I remember to update once a month!!!

Yeah, so I totally went Canoeing yesterday, which I have to admit was pretty fun. It felt super good to be on the water (I Don't get the chance for that very often here) even if the water was absolutely disgusting, which is evidenced by the above photographs...

On a side note I'm super excited as my niece is coming to London! Yep, thats right, She's coming here...which means I don't have to go home this summer, which will save me a TON on money!

Also, I'm still car shopping...which is ridiculous as it's been like 2 months. I just can't get my act in gear! Oh well what can you do right?