Saturday, August 9, 2008

Google Fun

So I was reading Claudine's Blog and she had an amazing challenge posted that looked like a ton of fun, and since she tagged everyone I decided that I would Participate! Here's how to play, you take the following catagories and do a Google Image Search. You pick a picture out of the first page of results that you like the best to represent the Catagory.'s fun. And you won't believe what comes up sometimes :) So here's my pictures. See if you can guess what some of them are...

My First Name

My Last Name

City I was born in

Past Love

Favorite Animal

Favorite Object
Favorite City

Favorite Food

Favorite Colour

Bad Habit

First Job

Future Job

Place I want to Visit

My Age

So there you go...essentially my life in random pictures. I'm just sorry I couldn't figure out how to make some of them bigger. Anyway I'm going to tag Kristi, Keah and Karen to give this a try. You'll be surprised just how much fun it is :)


Let the party begin... said...

So when you tagged them, what do they do? I'm sorry but I'm a little slow or pickled, lol.

The Blakeney's said...

tres interesting!!!

Claudine said...

hahaha! Thanks for being such a sport Kristiane!
I can't believe you want to go to Ireland too!
Way to be similar Missy!
Hey thing...what's your future job?
I'm a mite confused on that one!