Wednesday, February 6, 2008


For all of you out there who are currently prego and about to have babies...take pictures ok??? All of us singles (namely Me) like to live vicariously through looking at YOUR pictures! So don't let me down...I need them! :) Before I get to the pictures of my niece however I'll share a few points from my week...

Last weekend we had O'l ladies night at Amee's...good times. We broke out the dating for Dummies book...and learned how to flirt. Haha, man there's some serious inside jokes there, however you would really need to see me for me to explain them, so let me just say that the book is seriously troubled when giving flirting instructions...if anyone were to actually practice them they would look like an ape. No time I'll take pictures. We even practiced on a few poor males on Sunday at break the fast...good thing they were good sports. Although we did have a volunteer for our has possibilities.

Sunday night I enjoyed games night out at John Wright's. I don't know if you've ever played 4 on a couch, however if you haven't I would seriously recommend it. You could probably find the instructions online somewhere. It's a nice fun confusing game for all involved...sadley the girls lost 3 out of 4 games. Also enjoyable, snowball ambushes on people just showing up. Probably not really a Sunday activity, but it sure was fun. The element of Surprise is always a good time.

Now to the pictures...some of these are on facebook, but I love them so I'm posting them'll all just have to deal :)

So here's the proud Papa (My brother Kris) and his little girl. Not even home yet and already exhausted!

Poor Hannah had a little bit of Jaundice so she had to live in an incubator for a couple of days!

Hannah and her's pretty much the same size as she is!

Hannah at Home...she looks like my brother I think...she's kinda small to tell right now though!
Anyway thats pretty much it for me this week...thankfully it's Wed and only 2 more work days to go!! Maybe If I'm really lucky tomorrow will even be a snowday...keep your fingers crossed for me!


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

hey you know what, i think that baby is so cute! i cannot wait to have one of my own. i promise i will take tons of pictures and post on my blog and it will be awesome. fingers crossed kristine does the same. i am excited for her to have her baby!

Ashley said...

Those pictures are great... I think i have to agree that Hannah looks like Kris! She is so tiny!

Drennans said...

OH she's so cute and I totally didn't even know Kris was having a baby...well not Kris but you know what I mean! Congratulations Auntie!