Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tagged by Jessica


1) Books
2) The Gospel
3) family and friends


1) spiders
2) Being alone forever
3) Ticks


1) Enjoying life
2) Loving work
3) Attending the Temple every month.

Current obsessions:

1) Oh Man, Sadley, One Tree Hill
2) Reading The Great and Terrible Series by Chris Stewart
3) Gummi bears

Random facts:

1) The first time I ever did my own family history work at the Temple, I got so sick on the way back that they had to give me a blessing in the back of a van to get me to stop throwing up!
2) I'm a house hermit. I hate going out. I would rather stay home most of the time.
3) I'm not good at Delegating...I'd rather do everything myself and know it's done right then trust someone else!

Ok so I tag Kristine and Karen. You girls are up next :)


Anonymous said...

I say AMEN to the house hermit!! I already know you're like that because we have that in common. And delegating...come on, we both know from experience there's only one way to get something done right!!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

i'm with you on the delegating. it's not even that i am a perfectionist its just that when i want something done i want it done then, not later. so i just end up doing it myself so i dont have to sit there and fume about it not being done. ya know?

Jenny May said...

I hate ticks too...
My cat got into this swampy thing behind my
back yard.. Got two on his ears.. They are
so little and gross..

I agree also on the house hermit.. I do not know
what happened.. Somewhere between 20 and
30 I found my desire to stay home higher and
higher. Good thing I do not work from home or
Church and groceries might be the only time
I would leave (oh and to the movies)