Sunday, July 6, 2008


So this weekend was Sunfest, which is pretty much the best festival of the Summer here in London. It's kinda like the buskers in Halifax...only without the Buskers. Ok, so that's actually a bad comparison, however it's pretty much the only thing I can think of to compare it to. There's Amazing food from all different cuisines (You can get everything from Poutine to Goat), as many vendors as you could possibly cram into one park, and my mini-concerts from musicians from all over. Seriously, the have something for everyone! My favorite group by far, from this years Sunfest has to be Le Vent Du Nord. LOVED THEM! It was a french group with a Celtic type sound. Very East Cost :) You should all go listen to them on youtube or Itunes. Thats them at the top in the pictures.

So as every fair skinned person will realize Sunfest also invariably turns to Sunburn. It never matters that I have sunscreen on. I Burn. This year my burn even went so far as to cause my face to swell. Very attractive I must tell you. I didn't go to church today it's that pretty! And even better, I burned just in time to be peeling for next weekend's trip to Palmyra. How amazing is that!

You can kinda see the burn in this picture...however this was still during the know the stage before you start glowing. And somehow it just doesn't look as painful here :)

Anyway I've included some random Sunfest shots from this year...It was some Seriously good times. Next weekend is the annual trip to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. SOOOOOO excited. Nothing beats a good Palmyra trip. Even if I've already seen things dozens of times :) I'll keep you updated on the good times to come!


the abarca's said...

looks like you had lots of fun.

Kristine & Davis said...

Can I come to pag with you?? I havent been in so long, i need to go again really soon.
That burn doesnt look fun, I feel for ya, remember that burn I had one time that made blisters pop out all over my face?? also sweling.... so not fun so I know how you feel!
Have fun in Palmyra for me and drink some tart n tangy!

Anonymous said...

ouch! looks like a fun time despite the burn!