Monday, July 14, 2008

Palmyra Fun

Well this weekend was our annual trip down to Palmyra New York. There's just something exciting about going to another country, even if it's just an hour and a half away and everything pretty much remains the same. We decided that it would be cool to rent a car, that way we would be able to dictate where we go and when and we could have the added benefit of a really cool car :)

So we left Friday at Noonish and headed on down to the border...where thankfully we had no issues. I had nightmares of the last trip when I rented a car and took it over the border, but thankfully when you say you're heading to a church pageant they don't ask too many questions. We made a stop at Target (Which I absolutely love and wish would come to Canada) and then headed on down to Palmyra.

The Pageant was just as cool as it always is, and then we had to go meet the rest of our group so that we could head over to the YSA dance at the Palmyra stake center. So we`re just standing there waiting and these two guys come over and ask if we`re YSA, to make a long story short they end up being from California, working in Long Island and my dear room mate offers them a ride to the dance. Yep, that's right we literally picked up some random California guys. Thankfully they were pretty cool. I wish I had of taken a picture, but well...they were random guys :)

The Dance was pretty good...lots of people there (many of them HCP cast members that had snuck out) and then we had to head out to the camp we were staying at. Just for all of you out there who may have to plan some YSA activity in the not pick a camp site an hour away from where your dance ends. Especially if no ones ever been there and it`s 2 in the morning, and if there`s anyone that has to get up at 6:30 to go to the temple the next morning...we got lost, and I went to bed at 4:30. Good times.

The next morning I was lucky enough to be able to do a session at the Palmyra Temple. It was BEAUTIFUL! There`s something really special about going to the temple in the place where it all began. (Just as a side note, if you ever go...try and get more then 2 hours of sleep the night before.) I absolutely love the temple, and I`m extremely grateful for the chance I had to go. There`s even a clear window that looks out over the Sacred Grove!

After the Temple we hit up the Sacred Grove. I have to admit it`s pretty much my favorite place to go in Palmyra. (Well, after the temple). It`s good to go see the frame house, and the log house, and the printing press, but nothing beats the grove. I absolutely love the feeling of peace you get sitting in there. I didn`t want to leave. I could have cheerfully stayed there all day!

After the Sacred Grove we headed over to Everyone`s favorite eatery the Chill `N Grill. If you`ve never been there you seriously need to go. Really good food at a really good price. It`s most definitely worth the trip. After we ate we visited the bookshop and then it was time to head on home. For pretty much the LONGEST trip ever. It was 6 hours and it felt like 12. I have no idea why it passed so slowly but there you have it.
I just want to end this post by saying that I`m so thankful for the opportunity I had to go to Palmyra. It`s such a testimony boost! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and I know that the Sacred Grove is where Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is true and I`m so thankful to have the Gospel in my life. Miracles can and do exist and I`m grateful to experience them.


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

target....i want that store in my life. sigh.

glad your trip was fun. i am jealous you got to go to the pageant. i want to go, but it wont be for a few years!

Let the party begin... said...

I love your update with the pictures Kristane! I almost felt like I was at the Sacred Grove, just looking at them. Why oh why can't we have a Target too? Sorry about the whining! I love the part about picking up the 2 guys! It sounds like something I would have done back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the Sacred Grove turned out beautifully! Agreed on the Target issue, I love it!

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

It looks like you had so much fun....oh how I miss YSA time with you! It looks so peacful and beautiful in Palmyra, I have never been, but have always wanted to... hopefully someday!