Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sink Holes and Other News

Ok, so you know how I mentioned on Halloween that the city had had a water break and that there was a giant sinkhole accross from work??? Yeah, well here's a picture of it!

Granted this is an Aeriel view, and well, you kinda get to see the awesomeness of it. This is a pretty old picture though (a few days) and for some unknown reason they currently have a giant tent pitched in the Middle of it. (You know the ones that look like Circus tents but are too small...yeah, one of those) We're not entirely sure whats going on out there, but apparently this street is going to be off limits for the next couple of months. How crazy is that??? You just close one of the main intersections just cause there's a giant hole in it. Also as a side note, I didn't take any pictures yet, but they felt the need to make two more giant holes down the road, so there's a grand total of 3 giant holes on Wellington Street. What is the city coming too?

Who knew one little water break could cause so much damage??? Not enough to get me out of work though...only the rest of downtown ever gets that privilege :)

In Other news I'm heading to Port Huron Michigan tomorrow to get some Christmas shopping done. I'm pretty excited about that. There's just something fun about driving to another country just to go shopping. Even if it's only an hour away. I'm super excited to go visit all those fun stores that just haven't made it across the border yet! (Bath and Body Works anyone???)It'll be some good times...even if it isn't in the Maritimes. Anyway I'm going to head off to bed, big day tomorrow and all!


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

ok, so not too long ago there was a big ol' water mane break on kerney lake road. like possible even bigger than that. but they had if fixed way sooner than a month.
i will keep my fingers crossed that some natural disaster will keep you from work real soon? ok??

Kristine & Davis said...

good old down town london eh? too bad you couldnt get off work because of it though ;(

Have going shopping in the states, i hope the border crossing isnt too long. when i went to maine it was only like 30 minutes waiting at the border, but i heard from some people that busier crossings (like in ontario) are up to 3 hours sometimes!!! yikes!! almost makes you NOT want to go eh? holy moly!
cant wait to see you next month!! what day are you geting here?