Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

I love Christmas! Whats not to love? Pretty lights, pretty paper, and beautiful trees! Ok, so I could totally do without the snow, but nothing can be perfect :)

So Caro and I put up our Christmas tree last weekend. We went on a field trip to Wal-Mart and picked out the 29.99 special :) It's not the most elegant tree I've ever had, but it's fun. We had an awesome time wandering around picking out decorations. Here's a picture...(please excuse the movie poster behind the tree...)

It's not the most spectacular tree in the whole wide world, but it doesn't look completely hideous. Or at least it doesn't until you turn the lights on. Let me explain, so I like white lights, but Carolyn prefers the colored one's so I said fine, we'll get the colored lights not really thinking that they could be all that bad. However at Wal-Mart when we went, all they had were these new fangled LED lights. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving the environment but man, these lights are HIDEOUS! They're completely floresent. They make a perfectly average tree turn into the tackiest tree in the whole wide world. So as were putting this thing up I'm almost peeing I'm laughing so hard. I took a picture but it really doesn't capture the complete Nightmare of these lights!

So you can kinda see the purpleish glow emitted by these lights, but unless you see them in person, you really can't comprehend the true painful expierience. Let me just tell you, next year, if Carolyn and I still aren't roomates...she gets to keep the lights :)


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

i totally agree with how you feel about LED lights. they are soooo rediculous. i know it says "blue lights" but they totally are purple. and yea the orange and red and oh man, just hideous!
however, the earth thanks you right?

Kristine & Davis said...

so we put up our tree last week too. I had to be a terrible wife and pick out all the decorations my self though... davis is also fond of the colored lights and multi-facited decorations.... me? not so much. I prefer white lights and some what of a theme!

sorry you dont like your tree! but glad you are getting into the christmas spirit! see you in a couple of weeks!

The Bing's said...

hahha that was too funny...I think it's a cute little tree and the lights are pretty...but maybe it's when you are in person that their true beauty shines...hahha!!! We put our tree uo this week...well both of them...I'm like kristine...I pickd out everything and opted for white lights...I still need to get a few more decoartions for it...but for our first tree it's coming along!!!